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Herbal Viagra Male Sexual Stimulant Men Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Pills

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Herbal Viagra Male Sexual Stimulant Men Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Pills

Herb Viagra is commonly prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction for male which helps treat millions of people around the world. The supplement herbal viagra is formulated in order to boost the levels of sexual performance for men, by allowing for better and improved blood flow in the sexual organ. 


It will make men to stay erect for long and manage to execute sexual intercourse in the best level ever reached. The supplement is supporting vasodilation in order to make blood flow easy to all the body parts. The improved flow of blood will make the body of the user to gain much oxygen supply.


Herbal Viagra will manage to gain energy from the increased supply of oxygen hence ability to endure better during copulation. Challenges such as premature ejaculation will be eradicated if the formula is consumed in the prescribed levels without overdose in the body.


Herb Viagra Effects

1, Improve kidney health;

2, Increase semen amount;

3, Regulate blood circulation;

4, Enlarge penis in size and firmness;

5, Boost erection strength and stamina;

6, Reach multi-climaxes.


Usage & Spec

1, Take 1pill 10-20 minutes before sexual .

2, Specification: 10pills*10/box.

Herb Viagra Ingredients

Cordyceps, deer and Horm testicles, ginseng, Codonopsis, angelica east, nutmeg, snow lotus, Tibetan yak testicles Songaria Cynomorium grass, the sound back, saffron, wolfberry eastern oysters well, licorice, etc.



1, If erected many times or without ejaculation after usage, please drink cool boiled water to treat.

2, Do not take this drug again within 24 hours.

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Product description
Weather resistance Water and Dust resistant
Display Technology LED
Tech Spec Compact and lightweight
Battery Average Life 8 hours

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